Ramón Valle Quartet

The band:

  • Ramon Valle - piano
  • Omar Rodriguez Calvo - double bass
  • Liber Torriente - drums
  • Jesse van Ruller - guitar

In 2006 Ramón received the assignement to write a compositions for the Dutch classical guitar player Esther Steenbergen.

Ramon named the composition ‘Molinos’. Which is Spanish for ‘Mill’. While writing this composition he got the idea to write a new album for his trio inspired by the different impressions he had of Holland.

When Ramón begin to write the music for this new album he found that the music was in need of a guitar.

Immediately he called the Dutch ‘Thelonious Monk Award’ winner guitar player Jesse van Ruller, who directly wanted to join the trio. A new quartet was born.

Ramón Valle about the quartet:

This quartet is not a typical jazz quartet, the music consists of many different musical influences, including classical, rock and latin. The themes are written, but the music leaves a lot of space for improvisation.
The compositions are subtle, melodic, but also explosive and powerful.