Ramón Valle + Orchestra

The band:

  • Ramón Valle & (symphonic) Orchestra

This project shows the enormous diversity of Valle’s talent and skills. Besides being an extraordinary pianist, he also has a special gift in writing for orchestra’s.

In 2013 he was invited to arrange some of his own compositions and some Cuban standards for the Symphonic orchestra of Beer Sheeva in Israel. He went there and played with them as a guest pianist with great succes. It is not common that a Jazz musician writes for and improvises together with a classical orchestra.

Because of this big succes, Ramon has been invited again for the same concept with another orchestra in Israel in may 2015. He then will be arranging for and playing with the Raanana Symphonette.

In January 2014 Ramon Valle was invited as a solo pianist with The Metropole Orchestra from Holland. Also with this orchestra there are plannes to repeat this colaboration again soon.